Thursday, October 3, 2019

Alice Maude Peel

Alice Maude Peel (b. reg. Burghwallis, Doncaster, Yorkshire, July-Sep. 1861; d. Devon, 7 June 1950)

Alice Maude Peel was the fifth of eleven children of Francis William Peel (1823-1895), the Rector of Burghwallis (from 1856-1895), Vicar of Skelbroke (1875-1884) and Proctor Archdeacon of York (1886-1895), and first his wife, Ann Maria Wethered (1831-1869), who were married on 27 July 1852. In 1870 her father was married again to Emily Walker. She had six sisters and one brother, and one half-sister and two half-brothers.

In Doncaster, on 22 October 1886, Alice married  John Peyto Charles Shrubb (1862-1918).  They had one daughter.

Alice Maude Peel published one book, a slim card-covered collection of  fourteen weird stories and sketches, "Something Just Na'e Canny" (Leeds: M'Corquodale & Co., 1883). It was self-published by the author in order to raise money for the restoration of St. Helen's Church in Berghwallis.  One story, "Two Fiery Eyes," is a vampire tale. Very few copies of this book are known.


  1. Emily Walker was the daughter of Sir Baldwin Wake Walker of The Depperhaugh, Hoxne, Suffolk and his wife Mary Sinclair Worth. She was married in 1870 to the Reverend Francis Peel of Burghwallis, as his second wife, but had no issue.

  2. According to the 1881 UK Census, she did have children with Francis Peel. A daughter, Elvea, then 6 years old, and two sons, Baldwin Walker Peel, age 4, and Hugh Sinclair Peel, age 2. I didn't try to trace them any further.