Thursday, October 3, 2019

Alice Maude Peel

Alice Maude Peel (b. reg. Burghwallis, Doncaster, Yorkshire, July-Sep. 1861; d. Devon, 7 June 1950)

Alice Maude Peel was the fifth of eleven children of Francis William Peel (1823-1895), the Rector of Burghwallis (from 1856-1895), Vicar of Skelbroke (1875-1884) and Proctor Archdeacon of York (1886-1895), and first his wife, Ann Maria Wethered (1831-1869), who were married on 27 July 1852. In 1870 her father was married again to Emily Walker. She had six sisters and one brother, and one half-sister and two half-brothers.

In Doncaster, on 22 October 1886, Alice married  John Peyto Charles Shrubb (1862-1918).  They had one daughter.

Alice Maude Peel published one book, a slim card-covered collection of  fourteen weird stories and sketches, "Something Just Na'e Canny" (Leeds: M'Corquodale & Co., 1883). It was self-published by the author in order to raise money for the restoration of St. Helen's Church in Berghwallis.  One story, "Two Fiery Eyes," is a vampire tale. Very few copies of this book are known.